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We CARE Veteran Fairs 2023

The We CARE Veteran Fair was developed by United Military Care, Inc., a Georgia nonprofit that has served Veterans of all ages since 2012.

In May of 2022, United Military Care held it's first We CARE Veterans Fair at the Cobb County Civic Center, bringing together over 120 professional nonprofit and government organizations to provide immediate, no-cost solutions and assistance to Veterans of all ages and backgrounds. The goal was to help 500 Veterans over two days. Thanks to the hard work and support of our sponsors and participants, 2,500 Veterans received one on one, free help enrolling in benefits, filing claims, mental and physical health challenges, employment, food, and more!  Learn more here.

Due to the success and numerous requests from Veterans around North Georgia, we proudly announce new We CARE Veterans Fairs in Rome and Marietta. Click on the town closest to you to learn more about dates and the professionals that will be on hand to help you.

The We CARE Veterans Fairs are 100% free to all Veterans and their Families. There is no selling of goods or services at the Fairs, and we even provide refreshments for free!

Make plans now to visit us at the We CARE Veteran Fair. The event is open to the public. To receive services, you must be a Veteran or currently serving in the military, including the National Guard and Reserve, and a family member or caregiver of a Veteran. 


We look forward to providing all Veterans and their families with the CARE they deserve!

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