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Built for Veterans, Families, Caregivers & Survivors

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The We CARE Veterans Resource Fair was created to provide veterans with the information and resources they need to access the benefits they’ve earned. The fair brings together professionals from various disciplines to provide veterans with the support they need to make informed decisions.  We understand the unique problems that veterans and their families face and strive to provide a place where they can receive the help they need.

Our goal is to give veterans the tools they need to navigate their post-service life and achieve success.

Choose which location above you wish to attend and download FREE tickets or contact us at 770-973-0014.

What Can I Do at the Fair?

Hero's Handbook Cover

At the fair, attendees will be able to meet with representatives from various organizations offering assistance, and they will have the opportunity to pick up their very own Hero’s Handbook. This handbook lists all of the resources available to veterans and provides helpful information about filing claims and office locations.

2022 Veteran Attendees

"This is amazing! I can't believe someone cared enough to do this for us."

~SSG J. Walker, US Army, Vietnam Veteran

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